Daher Nr.1 in ProPilot mag annual product support survey

Professional Pilot magazine’s annual product support survey ranks Daher no. 1 in aftersales service with its TBM very fast turboprop aircraft

Tarbes, France, August 11, 2021 – Daher is rated no. 1 for aftersales service with its TBM very fast turboprop aircraft in Professional Pilot magazine’s yearly corporate aviation support survey, topping all criteria within the turboprop sector of this publication’s 2021 appraisal.

It marks the first time Daher has earned the top rating for turboprops in the Pro Pilot survey, with its 9.05 score representing the largest increase overall across any of the world’s turboprop- and jet-powered corporate aircraft manufacturers covered by the magazine’s latest annual analysis.

The survey reflects Daher’s 12 years of continuous improvement in services to attain a high level of customer satisfaction, and I thank all TBM owners who provided their input for the 2021 poll,” stated Nicolas Chabbert, the Senior Vice President of Daher’s Aircraft Division. “Contributing to our success is the focus on standardizing the global network of approved Service Centers and dealers, along with the commitment of our dedicated TBM Care team members. The results also represent a true change in the services mindset at Daher that extends to a focus on design, quality in production and the sales experience, as well.”

Conducted for the past 31 years, the Pro Pilot assessment incorporates responses of corporate aircraft owners and operators in seven categories: spares availability, company response time, the cost of parts, service speed in AOG (aircraft on ground) situations, technical manuals, tech reps and service satisfaction.

Raphaël Maître, the Daher Aircraft Division’s Vice President of Customer Support, added: “Elements that contributed to the survey’s top rating in 2021 include our growing involvement in training for TBM pilots and their instructors, a further reinforcement of Daher’s relationships with suppliers and partners, our excellent cooperation with the TBM Owners and Pilots Association (TBMOPA), as well as the personal involvement of many individual owners – who represent the passion and commitment of the TBM aviator community.”

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