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TBM iPad App Collection

Learn what makes a TBM, a TBM!

TBM Paint Configurator

Select your Paint Scheme to fly the most unique TBM ever designed. We propose lots of color options from high standard paint quality. Strong coatings are cautiously tested and applied to withstand extreme weather conditions and lighting.

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TBM 930 Interior

Customize your TBM 930 Interior with a various choice of supple leathers and noble materials.

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TBM 900 Interior

Customize your TBM 900 Interior with a various choice of supple leathers and noble materials.

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TBM 900

The TBM 900 with a cruise speed of 330 KTAS gives owners and pilots the advantages of typical cruising speeds of light jets, with the economical operating costs of a single-engine turboprop. DAHER Airplane Business Unit is proud to deliver the TBM 900 Outstanding Performer to its customers offering even greater speed, range and efficiency than previous TBMs. With the TBM 900, fly closer to your destination and travel the world while carrying everything you need.

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TBM 850

The TBM 850 is the fast single-engine turboprop, with a maximum cruise speed of 320 KTAS at 26,000 ft. (in ISA conditions).

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MyTBM Docs

MyTBM Docs is an App for TBM enthusiasts to access the Technical Documentation such as Maintenance Manuals, Pilot Information Manuals and complementary Technical Information. Access the App with credentials. You will receive notifications to keep your files up to date. Also available on Android Store

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Manufacturing the TBM

Discover the manufacturing process of the world’s fastest single-engine turboprop, the TBM. Use this app to enjoy your visit from home or on-site at the Factory, where every aircraft takes its first flight.

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