• Francis Ford Coppola

    TBM 850 S/N 670

    My son Roman brought my attention to the TBM. What attracted me was the level of excellence that French aviation products are known for, the beauty of the design, and the fact that it was the fastest single-engine plane in existence. We began to think of how it could look and arrived at the notion that it could be all-polished aluminum with a black leather interior.

    Dr. Ian and Susan Fries

    TBM 900 S/N 1012
  • Dr. Ian and Susan Fries

    TBM 900 S/N 1012

    I have a weakness for attractive French women. The first was a TBM 700 with whom I lived for about 12 years. Then I had a younger one, a TBM 850. She graced my hangar for 5 years. And now I have this very young Daher TBM 900. Just look at her. The five bladed sculptured prop and provocative winglets.

    French Military

    TBM 700
  • French Military

    TBM 700

    Because of is remarkable low cost of operations, the French military have operated with TBM since 1992. Their fleet of 27 TBM 700, recently modernized with G1000 avionics integration, has accumulated over 200,000 hours of liaison and training flights for the French Armed Forces, transporting military command authorities from headquarters to operational bases, and saving the lifecycle of expensive aircraft in the fleet.

    Jean-Jacques Bely

    TBM 900, S/N 1016
  • Jean-Jacques Bely

    TBM 900, S/N 1016

    The Daher TBM 900 is the ultimate aircraft a private pilot can fly. The ferry flight from Tarbes to Australia was an extremely valuable trip for the learning experience of flying the TBM at large international airports. I have done a few ferries myself with other aircraft but none of them at TBM speeds and managing a high speed arrival at a busy airport like Mumbai (India) between jets requires good planning and experience with your aircraft descent profile.

    John Giddens

    TBM 900, S/N 1039
  • John Giddens

    TBM 900, S/N 1039

    I have used my TBM for a trout fishing trip in Tasmania (Australia) from Singapore – 2013, and each summer while the aircraft is based in the UK we take a “boys trip” for a few days salmon fishing in the Isle of Harris (Scotland) from Bournemouth (UK). For my wife and daughter who are keen golfers the TBM is also an ideal plane to travel to a golf resort, with the benefit of plenty of space for both passengers and the bulky golf bags.

    European Business Charter

    TBM 850
    European Business Charter

    TBM 850

    In march 2013, the French company VOLDIRECT won its Air Operator Certificate (AOC), allowing it to operate single engine aircraft in IFR public transportation under european regulations. The TBM 850 chosen to run VOLDIRECT operations, gives the best compromise in terms of speed, economy and efficiency. Most of the trips are flown with a single pilot and 2 or 3 persons on board.

    Anutin Charnvirakul

    TBM 930, S/N 1158
  • Anutin Charnvirakul

    TBM 930, S/N 1158

    “I very much enjoyed my previous TBM 850 for its versatility and flexibility,” Mr. Charnvirakul explained. “When the time came to replace it after four years and some 900 flight hours, I chose the latest TBM model: the TBM 930. My ferry flight confirmed that I made the right decision: this is the TBM at its best in terms of performance, state-of-the-art avionics and the handling.” Shortly after the TBM 930 received its Certificate of Airworthiness from The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, Charnvirakul performed the maiden operational flight as a volunteer to deliver a heart transplant for the Thai Red Cross organization. An active pilot, Anutin Charnvirakul is a well-known personality in Thailand. He was a former Deputy Minister of Public Health and Commerce, and is the current leader of the country’s Bhumjaithai Party.

    Hannu Halminen

    TBM 910 S/N 1178
  • Hannu Halminen

    TBM 910 S/N 1178

    Hannu Halminen chose the TBM, initially a TBM 850 Elite succeeded in 2017 by a TBM 910, for the flexibility in business travel and to accommodate his special cargo – bicycles. Halminen is a cycling enthusiast, and he even biked to take delivery of his aircraft! He rode from the nearby French town of Tarbes to the Daher
    production site at Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees Airport to pick up his aircraft for the ferry flight
    back to his home in Orono, Canada. For Halminen, accommodating luggage and bikes is easy thanks to the TBMs excellent loading characteristics. All items can be stacked heaviest to lightest in the adjustable cargo area, topped with the bikes nestled in their soft-sided bicycle bags, and secured with the strong cargo net. Halminen has flown his TBM to biking events around the world – including transporting four bikes and their cyclists in the Very Fast Turboprop to attend a race in California, and flying to several “Etape du Tour”. It is a cycling race held every year riding on the same routes and under the same conditions as the professionals on one of the mountain stages of the Tour de France. A must-attend race for an avid biker.

    University of North Carolina

    Transporting Doctors & Basketball Coaches
  • University of North Carolina

    Transporting Doctors & Basketball Coaches

    Our two TBMs have proven to be the perfect airplanes for the University of North Carolina. They are fast enough to do all our missions well. They have the speed to fly into the busiest airports, and the capability of going into a 2,350 foot runway when needed. The passengers love the comfort of the cabin. The pilots love the way they fly. Their reliability has been nearly flawless.

    Phillip Bozek

    TBM 900, S/N 1043
  • Phillip Bozek

    TBM 900, S/N 1043

    Speed was the main reason that attracted me to the Daher TBM 900. I’ve always been the guy who wants to go faster. The incredible range and payload capabilities blew away most of the competitive aircraft available on the market, including new very light jets and turboprops.

    Francis Ford Coppola

    TBM 850 S/N 670

tbm owners and pilots association

The TBM ownership experience

The TBM Owners and Pilots Association (TBMOPA) exists for owners and operators of TBM aircraft. The objective of the organization is to promote safety and provide an opportunity to maximize the pleasure and utility of the TBM ownership experience.
TBMOPA encourages a partnership of communication and information exchange with DAHER and with Sales and Service Centers as well as other involved businesses and organizations. However, TBMOPA functions as an independent organization focused on the best interests of the owner and operator base.
If you are a TBM owner, a prospective owner, or a distributor.



Whether getting to the next FBO or flying to remote locations, you’re not alone, Our Support Field staff is on call around-the-clock. TBM Support Representatives are always available to answer your call and help you decide the best course of action. In addition to online and phone support, our 20 TBM Service centers in the USA and 28 international sites provide the most complete service care in the industry.
This way, we are sure you are flying safely.

World Class Support

The entire TBM fleet are backed by DAHER Airplane Business Unit’s extensive worldwide support network that offers you tailored services. Join the TBM Family and you will discover that DAHER is a company that genuinely cares about you and shows pride in everything we do. It’s all part of being one of the world’s leading general aviation manufacturers, with a legacy of over 17,000 aircraft built since 1911 and a reputation for building great products with a support staff that will be there to help you when you call.


We invite you to meet with our support teams across the world. If you already own a TBM you will find on the dedicated MySocata.com website useful tools and information to make your TBM ownership experience a pleasant journey.

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for Maintenance & Service

Manufacturer's TBM Total Care and maintenance programs

Daher offers one of the best warranties in the industry :

  • With every new TBM 930 and TBM 910, Daher provides customers with its TBM Total Care Program (TCP) as part of the purchase package. This exclusive program gives the initial retail owner of a TBM complimentary scheduled maintenance – including annual inspections – for the first five years or 1,000 hours of operation with the aircraft.
  • The TCP covers all scheduled maintenance costs (with the exception of consumable items). In addition, it provides complimentary CAMP computerized maintenance tracking and follow-up to the initial retail owner for the first five years of ownership.
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Eagle Plan Plus Extended Warranty also can be purchased from Daher – resulting in a warranty extension to seven years or 2,500 hours of operation for the TBM’s PT6A powerplant. Daher offers one of the industry’s best nose-to-tail warranties which complement the unique TBM’s Total Care Program (TCP):
  • Airframe (excluding systems, major components and consumables like brakes, tires, batteries, etc.): 7 years or 3,500 hours of aircraft operation
  • PT6A powerplant: 5 years or 2,500 hours of aircraft operation
  • Avionics: All Garmin equipment, L3 WX500 Stormscope, RA4500 radar altimeter and KN63 DME: 5 years
  • Systems: Flap actuators, fuel unit, gauging system, oxygen system, bleed air system, cabin pressure control system, air conditioning system, landing gear and actuators, mechanical fuel pump, hydraulic unit, vacuum system, windshield, flight controls actuators, electrical power unit, starter generator, standby altimeter and airspeed indicators, torque and oil pressure transducers, overspeed governor: 5 years or 1,000 hours
  • Hartzell Propeller: 6 years or 4,000 hours

Me & MyTBM: The power of data in your hands

Me & My TBM is an innovative smartphone application for TBM aircraft owners and operators. This cloud-based app leverages data automatically collected during every phase of flight, enabling pilots to enhance the TBM’s operating efficiency, ensure they are operating the aircraft to the highest safety standards, and optimize maintenance management.

Available for Android & iOS, this app provides unique and valuable feedback on TBM flights, key parameters of the engine and other systems, and a full range of statistics accessible from wherever the aircraft goes. Based on an automated transmission of flight data on a secured cloud-based storage, it avoids the fastidious task of downloading data on a PC, while also directly updating aircraft counters on the CAMP tracking system. Advanced customer support when needed is now possible. This app gives TBM Care teams the capability to access and analyze all flight parameters at a quick glance.

TBM Upgrade Catalog

As an owner you may want to upgrade your TBM with the latest retrofits and available service bulletins. We provide you the catalog of the latest retrofits to your TBM model. Contact us for more information.

TBM Upgrade Catalog

TBM Operating Costs

Cost of Ownership

Flight Training

We stand behind our airplanes and we stand by your safety. We encourage every TBM pilot to stay up to date of flying procedures and latest regulations. Because everyone knows training and refinement are keys to practicing excellence.

Training in the Americas

Factory-approved initial TBM flight training in the Americas is provided through TBM’s partner, Simcom International. Simcom utilizes three Level 5 flight training devices that are based on real TBM cockpits, in either EFIS/GNS 530 or G1000 configurations. Simcom’s headquarters in Orlando, Florida centrally positions the training center for TBM pilots with US licences..
Simcom also provides factory-approved maintenance training for the TBM family.

TBM initial training consists of the following:

  • Ground school training, which includes TBM systems knowledge tests;
  • Flight training device (FTD) training;
  • In-aircraft training;
  • Flight review to Private Pilot Practical Test Standards and an Instrument Proficiency Check

More information is available at: Tel: +1 866-361-9620
Website: http://www.simulator.com/turboprop/tbm/700

Training in Europe

Factory-approved initial TBM flight training outside the Americas is offered by two Approved training organizations (ATO) in France, certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA),
SIM Aero, at Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees (LFBT) international airport,
Airways Formation – an Aviation training organization based at Agen Airport (LFBA) in France.

The training is provided “in aircraft,” using the owner’s aircraft or a rented TBM.

Both courses are conducted by highly experienced Class rating instructors approved by EASA to deliver a TBM SET (Single-engine Turboprop) Class rating.

For more information and updates on training possibilities, contact:
Christian Prat,
Email: [email protected]
Tel +33 5 62 41 76 79