TBM 930

Max range 1,730 nm
Max cruise speed 330 kts
Max passengers 6 persons
Max payload 1,400 lbs
Takeoff field length 2,380 ft


  • TBM 930 gets there faster, with speeds of 330 kts./380 mph. This is the latest version of the world’s fastest certified single-engine turboprop.
  • A truly integrated flight deck with Garmin’s G3000. Digital avionics suite – the first-ever touchscreen-controlled, all-glass flight deck designed for light turbine aircraft.
  • NEW GTC 580 It incorporates streamlined menu structures to remove visual clutter and eliminate mechanical knobs, buttons and selector switches.
Cockpit improvements
Cockpit improvements
  • Benefit from the new e-copilot functions to ease your workload with AOA (Angle of attack) indicator, ESP/USP (Enhanced Safety Protection/Under Speed Protection) systems, EDM (Emergency Descent Mode) on your autopilot.
  • As an option, 32 additional leather colors are available to enhance the cabin ambiance.
  • New heated seats for pilots and passengers
  • In partnership with Scheme Designers (a world leader in aircraft paint scheme and vinyl decal designs), Daher provides assistance to owners for TBM painting and detailing with external paint schemes and colors that make an aircraft truly unique.
  • Carbon Fiber Cowlings
  • Light Gear Doors
  • 5 Blade Composite Propeller and new spinner

Unrivaled performance

When Power, Efficiency and Superior Design exceed your expectations

Garmin G 3000

Garmin G 3000

Garmin G3000 avionics, an all-glass integrated avionics system with high-resolution displays and touchscreen controllers.



Benefit from the new e-copilot functions to ease your workload with AOA (Angle of attack) indicator, ESP/USP (Enhanced Safety Protection/Under Speed Protection) systems, EDM (Emergency Descent Mode) on your autopilot.



A redesigned cowling with more efficient inlet, a simplified plenum to improve airflow, nozzles access, inertial separator up to VMO and more. The TBM 930 is still powered by the proven PT6A-66D, but with all the other improvements, you get the equivalent of 80 more horsepower without increasing fuel consumption. Thanks to the new torque limiter, you can use all of the TBM 930s 850 Hp right from the start of the takeoff roll.



Our exhaust were redesigned for the TBM 930 for better efficiency resulting which maximizes the airflow through the engine improving high-altitude performance.


HARTZELL 5 - Blade

The TBM 930’s five-blade composite propeller has been designed by Hartzell Propeller specifically to improve the aircraft’s takeoff distance, climb and cruise speed. The TBM 930 also is a quiet operator wherever it flies, with the propeller system helping continue the “airport-friendly” profile of Daher’s TBM aircraft family. Its sound level during takeoff is just 76.4 decibels, thereby meeting the latest international noise standards.

P&WC PT6-66D

P&WC PT6-66D

The Daher TBM 930 is powered by a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engine. This powerplant’s simple design offers easy maintenance, efficiency and low operational costs – and it is covered by one of the industry’s most extensive support networks.
PT6A variants are used on more than 100 different aircraft types.
Proven in years of regional airliner and commercial aircraft operations – and with over 43,000 engines in the field that have accumulated more than 390 million flight hours, the PT6A is recognized as one of the most reliable aircraft powerplants ever built.

Everything at your finger-tips

cockpit ergonomics


Integrated Flight Deck with G3000

The G3000 uses three 12-in., wide-format WXGA ultra-high-resolution displays for ease of viewing and operation. Each G3000 display can operate in both full screen and split-screen modes. Splitscreen enables TBM pilots to place separate vertical pages side-by-side, giving them the exact information they need for each phase of flight.

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New Alerts

New Alerts

New voice alerts for stall, overspeed, landing gear extension and oxygen mask use. These alerts replace aural sounds for better warning identification.

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New GTC 580

New GTC 580

The Garmin G3000 avionics system’s new GTC 580 glass touchscreen controller provides highly intuitive control with a host of functions. Landscape oriented for better integration into the cockpit panel, the controller allows TBM 930 pilots to access systems features with just a few taps. The GTC 580 incorporates streamlined menu structure to remove visual clutter and eliminate mechanical knobs, buttons and selector switches.

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Pilot door

Pilot door

The pilot door enables large luggage or freight loading. Here the pilot can easily board the aircraft through a secure passenger door, locking before climbing on board.

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Overhead Panel

Overhead Panel

The newly redesigned overhead panel is equipped with better instrument reading, a new abort position on starter switch and integrated switches.

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Single Lever Power Control

Single Lever Power Control

A single, ergonomically designed lever controls engine power, propeller and engine condition. In addition, its new electronic power center allows the TBM900 to start almost twice fast as its predecessors and automatic starter cutoff which reduces pilot workload during the startup sequence.

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Garmin’s G3000

A truly integrated flight deck with G3000


Easy way to add power

Grand as your lifestyle

Cabin comfort

New Styling

New Styling

New styling on the TBM 930 begins with a refined cabin entrance that incorporates a harmony of black fittings and polished metal elements in the doorstep stairs and handle.

Customize your cabin
Leather Seats

Leather Seats

The TBM 930 offers top grain leather on all seated surfaces with detailed stitching. Seats easily recline, and are ingeniously sized with adjustable backrests and folding armrests. which allow passengers to relax in hand sculpted comfort.

Customize your cabin
Cabin lighting

Cabin lighting

Cabin lighting consists of dome lights, baggage compartment lights, access stair lighting and individual reading lights at all seats. Keeping connected and entertained is enhanced by 14/24 Volt and USB charging sockets, iPod linkup and Sirius XM satellite music or radio. Many optional storage cabinets are available to make every flight an enjoyable experience.

Customize your cabin
Cabinet Options

Cabinet Options

Several cabinets enable you to optimize the storage space between the intermediate and pilot seats.

Customize your cabin

Advanced Aerodynamics

Advanced Aerodynamics enhance efficiency, range and speed

Airframe Design

Airframe Design

The Daher TBM very fast turboprop aircraft defines reliability in the skies! Incorporating a variety of aluminum and steel alloys, titanium as well as advanced composite materials, the TBM airframe offers unmatched structural strength and durability at the lowest possible weight. From its inception, the TBM aircraft family employed a fail-safe airframe design, including the use of multiple load paths, a crack-stopper band, and an optimized number of access panels to maximize structural life and sub-system reliability, while also minimizing repair-cycle times. All TBM versions are fully certified and available today worldwide – direct.



The 2-foot high winglets will immediately become the signature of the TBM 930. Coupled with aerodynamic improvements to the ailerons, vertical stabilizer and new inner gear doors, these winglets significantly reduce drag while improving handling at low speeds and high angles of attack.



The TBM 930 tail cone has been restructured making it more streamlined reducing drag and improving airframe efficiency. To improve visibility at night, we added an additional light at the tip of the tail of the aircraft. This gives improved lighting around the TBM 930 to enhance visibility of the TBM 930 by other aircraft in low-light conditions.



Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of the airflow over the previous TBM airframe revealed a significant amount of turbulence in the area of the gear doors. As a result we’ve added an inner gear door to the TBM 930, which reduced turbulence and improves its aerodynamic efficiency.

TBM 930 technical details


POWERPLANT P&W canada PT6A-66D turboprop
  • Thermodynamic power
    1825 hp.
  • Nominal power
    850 shp.
  • Usable fuel capacity
    291 US gal.
    1,100 liters
  • Wingspan
    42.10 ft.
    12.833 m.
  • Height
    14.29 ft.
    4.355 m.
  • Length
    35.22 ft.
    10.736 m.
  • Wheel base
    9.56 ft.
    2.914 m.
  • Tailplane span
    16.36 ft.
    4.988 m.
  • Maximum cabin width
    3 ft. 11.64 in.
    1.21 m.
  • Maximum cabin length
    13 ft. 3.45 in.
    4.05 m.
  • Maximum cabin height
    4 ft.
    1.22 m.
  • Maximum volume in cabin
    123 cu. ft.
    3.5 sq. m.
  • Basic empty weight
    4,629 lb.
    2,097 kg.
  • Maximum ramp weight (MRW)
    7,430 lb.
    3,370 kg.
  • Maximum takeoff weight
    7,394 lb.
    3,354 kg.
  • Maximum zero fuel weight
    6,032 lb.
    2,736 kg.
  • Maximum payload
    1,403 lb.
    636 kg.
  • Maximum payload with full fuel
    891 lb.
    404 kg.
  • Maximum luggage in storage areas (4 seats)
    507 lb.
    230 kg.
  • Maximum luggage in storage areas (6 seats)
    330 lb.
    135 kg.
  • Maximum luggage volume (large net)
    30 cu. ft.
  • 0.989 cu. m.
PERFORMANCE (ISA conditi ons, MTOW, no wind)
  • Maximum cruise speed at long-range settings
    252 KTAS
    467 km/h
  • Maximum cruise speed at 28,000 ft.
    330 KTAS
    611 km/h
  • Time-to climb to 31,000 ft
    18 min. 45 sec
  • Certified ceiling
    31,000 ft.
    9,449 m.
RUNWAY DISTANCES (ISA conditions, MTOW, no wind, 50 ft.
obstacle clearance)
  • Takeoff
    2,380 ft.
    726 m.
  • Landing
    2,430 ft.
    741 m.
Max. range with max. fuel (ISA conditions , MTOW, no wind , one pilot,
45 min fuel reserve)
  • @ 31,000 ft.
  • 252 KTAS cruise speed
    1,730 nm
    3,304 km
  • 290 KTAS cruise speed
    1,585 nm
    2,935 km
  • 326 KTAS cruise speed
    1,440 nm
    2,666 km
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Technical Specifications