Around the world in their TBM


Tom and Diann Baumann left on May, 12, 2015 from Quebec City to travel to destinations including, Reykjavak, Iceland; Paris, France; Ibiza, Spain; Santorini, Greece; Istanbul, Kapadoyka and Bodrum Turkey; Luxor, Egypt; Dubai, UAE; Agra, India; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Bali, Indonesia; Singapore; Cambodia; Laos; Hanoi, Vietnam; Hong Kong; Taipei; Nagoya & Kyoto, Japan; Anadyr, Russia and returning to the USA in Anchorage, Alaska.

They ended their journey on July 23, 2015.

Visit their blog and see adventurous Pilots who have the passion for aviation and a desire to accomplish the amazing feat of flying their aircraft around the world.




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