Daher appoints Flying Smart as its authorized TBM distributor for the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands

AirVenture Oshkosh, WI July 20, 2015 – Daher today announced the signature of an agreement naming Flying Smart – a new company headquartered at Biggin Hill Airport near London – as the authorized TBM distributor for the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands.
This agreement will be effective by year-end and includes a purchase order for two TBM 900s, with these latest versions of Daher’s very fast turboprop aircraft family to be delivered in 2016.
The CEO and founder of Flying Smart is French businessman David Fabry, who will pursue business opportunities as the new TBM distributor in partnership with the Flying Group – a leading European business aviation operator based in Antwerp, Belgium.
One of Flying Smart’s priorities will be the offer of TBMs to the Flying Group, providing entry-level alternatives to larger business jets for its customers. Flying Smart will benefit from the Flying Group’s expertise in the support of clients across all aspects of aircraft ownership and travel needs.
Mr. Fabry has first-hand experience with the TBM, having successively owned three of the aircraft during the past 12 years. He operated them primarily for his diversified business portfolio, and also used the TBMs in private travels around the world.
“David Fabry will bring an invaluable set of resources to the TBM distribution network through his intimate product knowledge as a TBM pilot and owner, » said Nicolas Chabbert, Senior Vice-President of Daher’s Airplane Business Unit. “We look forward to a fruitful cooperation in further developing our TBM sales in Europe.”
With more than 2,500 hours logged while flying the TBM, and 40 transatlantic crossings, he has an extensive knowledge of Daher’s very fast turboprop family. Additionally, Fabry is the current chairman of TBMOPA Europe – the European chapter of the TBM Owners and Pilots Association.
“We thank Daher for its confidence and look forward to developing our business relationships,” Fabry explained. “As a customer myself, I can understand and anticipate expectations of future TBM owners in our distributorship’s regions. We are ready to offer customers the high level of service they deserve.”
About Flying
Flying Smart is a London Biggin Hill based company aimed at distributing the TBM family of products from Daher (new and used), providing supporting its clients in every aspects of their aircraft ownership and travel needs as well as providing its partner, FLYING Group leading European business aviation operator with an entry-level alternative for their larger jets customers.
About the TBM
The TBM 900 is the latest member in Daher’s TBM family of very fast single-engine turboprop aircraft. It offers superior performance – a maximum cruise speed of 330 kts. – and high efficiency with a 1,730 naut. mi. maximum range and a fuel consumption at economy cruise of 37 U.S. gal per hour. This results from aerodynamic improvements, along with other aircraft enhancements. The maximum range and useful load, as well as the ability to land at small airports, are some of its customers’ favorite features.
As of July 15, 2015, deliveries of the TBM 900 brought to 738 units the total number of TBM-series aircraft received by customers, with this global fleet accumulating more than 1.2 million flight hours.
Daher is an equipment supplier developing Integrated Industrial systems for aerospace and advanced technologies.
By combining its expertise in industrial manufacturing, product and process engineering, logistics and transport, and industrial services, Daher designs and develops Integrated Industrial Systems. Daher has established itself as a leader in 5 fields of activity: aircraft manufacturer, aerostructures & systems, integrated logistics, nuclear services, and valves.
Daher posts turnover of nearly a billion euros, and its order book stands at around three and a half years of turnover. Driven by bold innovation ever since it was founded in 1863, Daher has established itself today as one of the major players of the 3rd industrial revolution.
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