TBM Experience Jacob


TBM 940, SN 1404

Jacob B. Sorensen

What’s the link between manufacturing irrigation systems and flying a TBM? May be the passion for efficiency and the taste for precision technology. This is personified by Jacob Sorensen, recent owner of a TBM 940, and president of Staal-plast. This company created by his father, manufactures in Denmark and in the USA irrigation systems for greenhouse farming which depends on accuracy forming to be performant.

Their main product are ebb & flow bench trays in high impact polystyrene (HIPS) sold worldwide to commercial farming companies. Simple at first look, these trays require high precision design and manufacturing to control flooding and draining of the growing tray. Nutrients are delivered to the plants when the tray is flooded and then the roots of the plants are exposed to oxygen when draining occurs. This also implies continuous development and testing to respond to different type of nutrients, temperature effects, UV radiation, and daily wear and tear.

Besides his business Jacob Sorensen who graduated in mechanical engineering has develop a passion for aviation since childhood. He followed a classical path by building and flying radio-controlled models then learning to fly real planes ultimately getting his private pilot license in 2008 at . Since then he owned several single piston powered airplanes for fun and then after getting his instrument rating using his airplane to visit his customers. Then he upgrade with a first turboprop aircraft: “Entering the turboprop world you got a plane which flies fast. In three hours you are seven hundred miles away. Suddenly Europe became smaller. Then you start thinking: why not flying a little longer with less fuel stops?”

When he saw a TBM for the first time at an airport, he was attracted by its high level of craftmanship. “ I could see the difference with other aircraft and the TBM has the right size for me. “

Initially interested in a used TBM 910 or TBM 930, he decided ultimately to purchase a new when he learnt about the benefits of the TBM Total Care Program and the HomeSafe system. “ I was pretty sure my passengers and especially my family would like it.” He explained.

He spent a week last December at the factory in Tarbes, France to for his EASA approved TBM Class rating training course. “A really great experience” he recalled. “I was very impressed by the professionalism of the company’s teams. You can feel their passion and pride for the TBM aircraft.” Regarding the training itself, his appreciation is also highly positive. “I felt advised and helped all along the training process. I experienced severe icing, fog, strong winds and turbulence.” The new TBM pilot, is also emphatic about his flight instructor, Jean Pechabadens:“ I never had such a good instructor who transfer the ability to fly this high performance plane and its systems. There were intense but exciting times.” He concluded.

Full first name Jacob Braa Sorensen.

Asked about the use of his plane, he mentioned the use will be mainly in Europe for its business travel needs, and when he will acquire more experience to visit his manufacturing in the USA near Chicago, Illinois. Coming from a region of the world where started the ‘flygskam’ (the shame of flying), he praised the efficiency of the turboprop. “I’m the kind of guy who thinks that for every problem there is always a solution such as sustainable aviation fuels.” And his ultimate pilot’s ambition would be to fly the around the world. The TBM definitely gives travel ideas.

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