TBM Experience Matthew


TBM 910 SN1173

Matthew J. Desch

Mr. Matthew J. Desch, known as Matt, by fellow members of the TBM Owners and Pilot Association is also the happy CEO of Iridium since 2006.

After a B.S. Degree in Computer Science from Ohio State University and an MBA from the University of Chicago, he was an early pioneer in the wireless industry, he is now CEO of Iridium Communications Inc., it’s the only global provider of voice and data communication to satellite phones, pagers and integrated transceivers over the entire Earth surface. Created in the 90's, Iridium’s customers were originally mostly explorers and government agencies.

When Matt Desch became the CEO in 2006, he was instrumental to expand the company to a larger audience, now reaching almost 1 million of subscribers.

Among them many members of the Daher TBM flying community to the world, since the introduction in 2012 by Garmin of the GSR 56, one of the first communication system available on General Aviation Aircraft using Iridium network.

In this momentum, he launched in 2010 the renewal of the 66-satellites constellation with a new generation of 70 satellites called Iridium NEXT. Built by Thales Alenia Space and launched by SpaceX rockets, these up-to-date satellites will enhance Iridium network but carry also other services such ADS-B, ship-tracking and datalink systems to communicate with other spacecraft. The tenth and last successful launch of an Iiridium NEXT into a polar low-Earth orbit just took place on January 11.

Matt is a passionate pilot since he earned his Private Pilot Certificate in 1976. Holding a commercial certificate with Instrument and Multi-engine land ratings with more than 2,000 flight hours. His current airplane is a TBM 910 based at Leesburg Executive (KJYO) in Virginia.

Active in the defense of general aviation, he’s a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association since 1976 and he’s a member of AOPA’s Board of Trustees since 2011.

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