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A Century of Innovation

Morane-Saulnier Type L, an iconic aircraft

Daher predecessors, Morane-Saulnier & Socata gave birth to a plethora of firsts in the history of aviation, such as the first Mediterranean air-crossing by Roland Garros in 1913, and the MS 760 Paris, the first business jet in 1954. The TBM 700 became the first pressurized single-engine turboprop to be certified in 1990 which directly paved the way for today’s Daher TBM Family.

1913Morane-saulnier type h
1954Morane-saulnier paris-jet
2014Daher tbm 900

TBM History


TBM 7001990

1990TBM 700

The company certified with the FAA and French DGAC (EASA) the first, fully-pressurized, single-engine, turboprop aircraft in the world, the TBM 700A. The TBM 700 airframe design incorporated a variety of aluminum and steel alloys, including titanium, as well as advanced composite materials that come together in an airframe of unmatched structural strength and durability at the lowest possible weight at an affordable cost. Our design engineers employed fail-safe design techniques on the TBM airframe including the use of multiple load paths, a crack-stopper band and a minimum number of smaller access panels to maximize structural life and sub-system reliability, as well as to minimize repair-cycle times.

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TBM 700A1992

1992TBM 700A

To replace the obsolete Morane MS 760 Paris Jet, Daher's Airplane Business Unit (formerly known as SOCATA) began an on-schedule and on-budget delivery of TBM 700A model aircraft to the French Air Force and French Army Aviation. According to feedback from French military pilots, the TBM is, “simple to master, a dream to fly and superior performance characteristics across the entire flight envelope”. The French Armed forces has accumulated up to 600 flight hours per year per aircraft in accomplishing a wide range of VIP-passenger and light-cargo missions in varied operating environments, including operations in combat zones. The company has also delivered one TBM 700A model aircraft to the French national flight test center (CEV) and three aircraft to the Indonesian government for their use in calibrating airfield navigation
aids throughout their country.

TBM 700B 1999

1999TBM 700B

The TBM 700B model added a larger cargo door and an optional pilot entry door. While its commercial success was growing in the US, the French Army Aviation took delivery of three B model aircraft, bringing the total military aircraft to 28 TBM 700 in 2002. With the addition of a gaseous backup oxygen system (with EROS quick donning masks) the certified ceiling of the TBM 700B was raised to 31,000 ft.

TBM 700c22003

2003TBM 700c2

The TBM 700C2 was certified with an increased Max Take-off Weight (7394 lbs), allowing an increased payload of 865 lbs with full fuel. This modification included re-enforced airframe, reinforced landing gear, crashworthy seats certified to 20 G, new interior and new rear external luggage compartment. The TBM 700C2 was also certified at 31,000 ft thanks to the gaseous oxygen system.

TBM 850 Legacy2006

2006TBM 850 Legacy

Introduction of the TBM 850. Strictly identical to the airframe of the TBM 700, the TBM 850 aircraft is also powered by the Pratt & Whitney PT6A turboprop engine. The new PT6A-66D powerplant produces 1825 eshp flat rated to 850 shaft horsepower and gives the TBM 850 jet-like performance with turboprop efficiency and economical operation.

TBM 8502008

2008TBM 850

In 2008 the TBM 850 is equipped with the all-glass integrated flight deck Garmin G1000. It opens up to TBM pilots a new world of technology. As a side effect, the integrated avionics saved weight and increase the TBM 850's payload/range.

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TBM 9002014

2014TBM 900

From the early stages of its conception, the Daher TBM 900 was tasked to deliver fast travel at an affordable cost. It emerged when twin pistons were too expensive to operate, and yet pilots sought an aircraft with the same high level of safety and comfort of the light jets. The Very Fast Turboprop is that - an all-in-one with even more competitive features.

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TBM 9302016

2016TBM 930

This model integrates Garmin’s G3000 avionics suite – the first touchscreen-controlled glass flight deck ever designed for light turbine aircraft.
Its cockpit instrument’s panel three wide-format WXGA displays can operate in a splitscreen mode, enabling maps and flight plans to remain on the screen side-by-side with primary, traffic and weather information.

TBM 9102017

2017TBM 910

The TBM family of very fast turboprop continued to grow with the TBM 910 – an alternative to the high-end TBM 930 version.
Among the key changes are the TBM 910’s Garmin G1000 NXi flight deck, which succeeds the G1000 version on TBM 900s – bringing a modernized high-resolution flight display design with significant performance enhancements.

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TBM 9402019

2019TBM 940

The Daher TBM 940, the latest member of the family of very fast single-engine turboprop aircraft increases automation in the cockpit to reduce pilot’s workload, enhancing safety and performance. Main features are an automated throttle fully integrated with the autopilot on the Garmin G3000 integrated flight deck, and an ice detector which activates the aircraft de-icing systems. Like previous TBM-900 series models the TBM 940 offers the perfect combination of comfort with a redesigned cabin, superior performance – a maximum cruise speed of 330 kts – and high efficiency with a 1,730 naut. mi. maximum range.

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tbm owners and pilots association

The TBM ownership experience

The TBM Owners and Pilots Association (TBMOPA) exists for owners and operators of TBM aircraft. The objective of the organization is to promote safety and provide an opportunity to maximize the pleasure and utility of the TBM ownership experience.
TBMOPA encourages a partnership of communication and information exchange with DAHER and with Sales and Service Centers as well as other involved businesses and organizations. However, TBMOPA functions as an independent organization focused on the best interests of the owner and operator base.
If you are a TBM owner, a prospective owner, or a distributor.


Daher Airplane Business Unit

TBM Team

Daher is an aircraft manufacturer and service maker. Daher asserts its expertise in 3 main businesses - aircraft manufacturing, aerospace equipment and systems, logistics and services - and achieved a turnover of 1.1 billion euros in 2017. With the stability provided by its family ownership, Daher has been committed to innovation since its creation in 1863. Today, present in 11 countries, Daher is a leader in the industry 4.0, designing and developing value-added solutions for its industrial partners.


Daher industrial Innovation

The manufacturer of the TBM, Daher, boasts over a century of experience in innovation. Driven by bold innovation ever since it was founded in 1863 as a shipping company, Daher has established itself today as one of the major players of the 3rd industrial revolution. Daher is an equipment supplier developing Integrated Industrial Systems for aerospace and advanced technologies.

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