AOA/USP/ESP Kit Retrofit


435 to 1105

Estimated labor hours:

35 hours labor

Concerned models:

TBM 900

TBM 850 (G1000)

SB Reference:


Reference to order:

Parts as per SB

AOA/USP/ESP Kit Retrofit


Enjoy flying your TBM with the New E-COPILOT reducing pilot workload


Enhanced safety with Under-Speed Protection

Modernized avionics with Angle of Attack (AOA) indication via a fully integrated system (PA ON)

Optimize and flight management and the landing approach

Go-around mode with autopilot engaged

Prevent loss of control 

Improve safety by deterring aircraft operation outside the desired flight envelope.

Electronic Stability & Protection is active only when the autopilot is disengaged.

TBM 850 G1000: * if GSM 86 P/N 011-01904-03 and GSA P/N 011-00878-20 installed

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