Garmin G3000 Upgrade package


1106 to 1215

Estimated labor hours:

3.75 labor hours

Concerned models:

TBM 930

SB Reference:

SB70-285-34; SB70-286-34; SB70-287-46

Reference to order:

OPT70K28200 or OPT70K28201

Garmin G3000 Upgrade package


Benefit from the latest enhancement for your TBM


Surface Watch: Provides aural and visual annunciations to help the pilot maintain situational awareness and avoid potential runway incursions.

Turbulence detection: Presents areas of turbulence associated with precipitation and removes ground clutter from the displays.

Flight Stream 510: The Garmin Pilot app and the FS 510 wireless transceiver incorporate an array of features, and replaces the FS 210.

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