Garmin Flight Stream 510


1106 to 1215

Estimated labor hours:

0.25 hour during an inspection 1 hour outside an inspection

Concerned models:

TBM 930

SB Reference:


Reference to order:

P/N 011-03595-05

Garmin Flight Stream 510


Benefit from the latest enhancement available for your TBM


The Garmin Pilot application and the FS510 wireless transceiver enable an array of features, and replaces the FS210:

Database Concierge: enables wireless transfer of databases to select avionics

Flight Plan Transfer: supports two-way flight plan transmission

Garmin Pilot Interface: provides satellite voice and SMS message capability and delivers audio remote control of Sirius XM audio entertainment

Flight Deck Data Streaming to mobile device

This feature is also included in the complete G3000 upgrade, a special offer containing improvements and a discount.