Garmin CPDLC Cockpit Pilot Data Link Communications


1272 to 1515

Estimated labor hours:

42.25 labor hours

Concerned models:

TBM 960

TBM 940

SB Reference:

SB70-313-23 SB70-314-34 SB70-315-34

Reference to order:

see the SB

Garmin CPDLC Cockpit Pilot Data Link Communications


Benefit from the latest enhancement available for your TBM


The CPDLC’s functionality consists of written messages related to flight operations clearances.

It reduces voice radio-frequency congestion and eliminates potential human error in the form of pilot or controller voice misreads.

This helps reduce pilot workload and improves flght safety.

A COM3 functionality is also coming with this upgrade.

NOTE: This installation is for CPDLC communications only in U.S. airspace

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