Oxygen Mask MC10 Smart Mike® (MRA equipped)


1 to 243
with option OPT70-35-001 (gaseous oxygen)
244 to 433

Estimated labor hours:

30 labor hours

Concerned models:

TBM 850

TBM 700C

TBM 700B

TBM 700A

SB Reference:


Reference to order:

MC10-02-123 - Qty. 2 & 1 kit: OPT70K27900

Oxygen Mask MC10 Smart Mike® (MRA equipped)


Benefit from the latest enhancement for your TBM


For your TBM equipped with MRA, it’s time for the latest oxygen mask upgrade!

Advantages of the MC10 with SmartMike®:

  • Improved communications clarity with air traffic control (no more “Darth Vader” breathing sounds)
  • Enhanced communications efficiency, including noise reduction function
  • Better comfort and lower fatigue
  • Less anxiety during situations of stress


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