Landing gear actuator


1 to 2000
VSTS081480 / T700A323005000000 VSTS082315 / T700A323005300000 VSTS083550 / 7897340002 VSTS083560 / 7897340001

Estimated labor hours:

Depending of the maintenance operation during actuator replacement

Concerned models:

TBM 960

TBM 940

TBM 930

TBM 910

TBM 900

TBM 850 (G1000)

TBM 850

TBM 700C

TBM 700B

TBM 700A

SB Reference:

No SB reference

Reference to order:


Landing gear actuator

Equipment replacement

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  • Most durable locking cage material
  • Pressure activated limit switches
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  • Re-inforced forged bodies