Chemical toilet cabinet


346 to 433
TBM 700B equipped with MOD70-035-001 (Gazeous Oxygen), TBM700C

Estimated labor hours:

1 hour labor

Concerned models:

TBM 850

TBM 700C

TBM 700B

SB Reference:

S870-184-25 S870-175-25

Reference to order:

T7008252005100000 T700G252002700000

Chemical toilet cabinet


Enjoy the latest enhancement for your TBM 


This option consists of swapping-out the TBM's intermediate left seat with the toilet cabinet.  

This system is used in the marine industry and is optimized for easy installation and servicing.  

On ground, the toilet cabinet can be installed to replace the left middle seat.  

In flight, the passengers will have a curtain to ensure privacy. 

The kit includes the toilet, curtain and the POH option supplement.