Garmin G1000 Nxi


434 to 1110
with v15.11 installed

Estimated labor hours:

20 hours labor

Concerned models:

TBM 900

TBM 850 (G1000)

SB Reference:

SB 70-247-34

Reference to order:

Garmin G1000 Nxi

Garmin G1000 Nxi


Enjoy the latest enhancement for your TBM


Latest generation of Primary Flight Display: 2 GDU 1050A

Latest generation of Multi-Function Display: GDU 1550

GCU 475: controller with analog joystick

Flight Stream 510: enabling Database Concierge

Latest version of software: v20.51

Pilot’s Operating Handbook supplement (printed copy)

Pilot’s guide (printed copy)

Including GARMIN buy-back of the removed equipment

Optional equipment: GTX 345 Price quote on request from your dealer for the ADS-B “Out” and “In” transponder solution