Strobe and navigation light updates


1 to 684

Estimated labor hours:

6 hours during an inspection; 7 hours when separate from an inspection

Concerned models:

TBM 850 (G1000)

TBM 850

TBM 700C

TBM 700B

TBM 700A

SB Reference:


Reference to order:

T700A018404500100 (Red) T700A018404500200 (Green)

Strobe and navigation light updates


Benefit from the latest enhancement for your TBM


The new strobes and navigation lights for TBM 700s and TBM 850s offer a longer life, higher efciency, l imited

wear-and-tear, enhanced resistance and higher white color temperature.

Daher brings the latest available LED technology in an all-inclusive package.