GTX 345DR (diversity) transponder


1111 to 1600
From SN 1111 for TBM 930, TBM 940 and TBM 960 From N1270 for TBM 910

Estimated labor hours:

Up to 18 labor hours

Concerned models:

TBM 960

TBM 940

TBM 930

TBM 910

SB Reference:


Reference to order:

Parts as per the SB. Use SL70-066-34 form to order the SB for your aircraft S/N

GTX 345DR (diversity) transponder


Benefit from the latest enhancement for your TBM

With the introduction of Garmin’s GTX 345DR transponder, Daher provides the upgrade for aircraft operators looking to satisfy transponder diversity requirements within Canadian and European airspace.

This transponder also meets ADS-B Out requirements throughout the world.

Note: Hardware only; software to be

loaded separately as per the relevant SB