Daher delivers 55 TBM 900 very fast turboprop aircraft in 2015

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Daher delivers 55 TBM 900 very fast turboprop aircraft in 2015
Daher delivers 55 TBM 900 very fast turboprop aircraft in 2015
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Daher delivers 55 TBM 900 very fast turboprop aircraft in 2015

Tarbes, France, January 11, 2016 – Daher’s Airplane Business Unit delivered a total of 55 TBM 900s in 2015 – a 10 percent increase compared to 2014, and the second best year since the first TBM single-engine very fast turboprop aircraft was provided to a customer in 1991.

The 2015 geographic distribution reflected global economic trends last year, as TBM 900 deliveries were led by the United States – with 44 aircraft delivered to customers across the country. Latin America ranked second, as five aircraft were provided in Brazil and two in Mexico. Europe was third, based on the two deliveries in Germany and one each in France and Spain.

“Last year’s TBM 900 results clearly confirm the continued value of our very fast turboprop, backed by services that definitely meet our customers’ expectations,” explained Nicolas Chabbert, the Senior Vice President of Daher’s Airplane Business Unit. “Adding to this is the continued enthusiasm from a global community of dedicated TBM owners and operators – our best supporters of the TBM.”

Chabbert added that 2016 is expected to be a challenging year for the international aircraft marketplace. “However, we will continue to promote all of the elements of the TBM’s competitiveness: a dependable aircraft, a highly motivated and dedicated team, a network of enthusiastic and professional distributors and solid backing by our parent company – the Daher group,” he said.

Daher’s TBM 900 is the latest member of its TBM family, following the company’s earlier TBM 850 and TBM 700 versions. To date, a total of 767 TBM aircraft have been delivered to international owners and operators, with the global fleet accumulating some 1.3 million flight hours. The peak year for TBM deliveries was 2008, when 60 TBM 850s were delivered to customers.

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The TBM 900 is the latest member in Daher’s TBM family of very fast single-engine turboprop aircraft. It offers superior performance – a maximum cruise speed of 330 kts. – and high efficiency with a 1,730 naut. mi. maximum range and a fuel consumption at economy cruise of 37 U.S. gallons per hour. This results from aerodynamic improvements, along with other aircraft enhancements. The maximum range and useful load, as well as the ability to land at small airports, are some of its customers’ favorite features.

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Daher is an equipment supplier developing Integrated Industrial systems for aerospace and advanced technologies.

By combining its expertise in industrial manufacturing, product and process engineering, logistics and transport, and industrial services, Daher designs and develops Integrated Industrial Systems. Daher has established itself as a leader in 5 fields of activity: aircraft manufacturer, aerostructures and systems, integrated logistics, nuclear services, and valves.

Daher posts annual turnover of nearly one billion euros, and its order book stands at around three and a half years of turnover. Driven by bold innovation ever since it was founded in 1863, Daher has established itself today as one of the major players of the 3rd industrial revolution.

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