Daher Kodiak and TBM turboprop-powered aircraft at the NBAA-BACE Convention 2021

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Daher Kodiak and TBM turboprop-powered aircraft at the NBAA-BACE Convention 2021
Daher Kodiak and TBM turboprop-powered aircraft at the NBAA-BACE Convention 2021
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Daher Kodiak and TBM turboprop-powered aircraft at the NBAA-BACE Convention 2021

The aircraft manufacturer of single turboprops will highlight owner/single-pilot operations at the annual business aviation convention in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, Nevada, October 7, 2021 – Daher’s family of Kodiak and TBM turboprop aircraft will be showcased at this month’s 2021 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in Las Vegas, with a focus on the owner/single-pilot operators who represent a large percentage of the company’s international customers.

In addition to Daher’s NBAA-BACE presence in the Las Vegas Convention Center (Booth #3101, West Hall) and at Henderson Executive Airport (location A404, with an air-conditioned exhibit tent, plus the Kodiak and TBM on display), the company also is a sponsor of the NBAA event’s first-ever Owner/Single-Pilot Pavilion. 

“We fully support the NBAA’s initiative to spotlight owners/single-pilots, who are an increasingly dynamic part of the business and general aviation communities,” explained Nicolas Chabbert, Senior Vice President of Daher’s Aircraft Division. “They are at the heart of our operator base, and the convention’s emphasis this year provides opportunities to build relations with their peers and connect to key players in the aviation industry.”

In the NBAA-BACE’s Owner/Single-Pilot Pavilion (situated at Henderson Executive Airport), Daher is organizing a roundtable discussion on Tuesday, October 12th at 3.30pm with three TBM owners with a cross-section of piloting experience: Kelly K. Burris, an intellectual property attorney who is the new owner of a top-of-the-line TBM 940; Robert J. Bordes, Jr., President of the Corporate Aircraft Association, a high-time pilot who flies a TBM 850; and Gordon Kramon, a TBM pilot and Director of Air Operations at the University of North Carolina, which operates three TBM aircraft – a TBM 940, TBM 850 and TBM 700C2.

During the NBAA-BACE gathering from October 12 to 14, Daher will exhibit the latest members of its aircraft product lines: the Kodiak 100 Series III and TBM 940.

Daher’s Kodiak 100 10-seat utility aircraft is agile and robust, capable of operating on uneven and ultra-short runways – as well as on water with floats – while offering optimal safety. The Kodiak 100 Series III version was launched earlier this year as part of the company’s continual improvement strategy, incorporating enhancements and standard features for improved flight safety, greater cabin comfort, augmented operational capabilities, along with upgraded quality and more comprehensive maintenance coverage.

The TBM 940 has become Daher’s best-selling member of its TBM very fast turboprop aircraft product line. Features of this pressurized six-seat airplane include Garmin’s G3000 avionics with touchscreen controls, the new HomeSafe™ emergency autoland system, and increased automation to ease the pilot’s workload with auto-throttle, automatic de-icing system, AOA (Angle of attack) indicator, ESP/USP (Enhanced Safety Protection/Under Speed Protection) systems, and the EDM (Emergency Descent Mode).

Daher’s participation at NBAA-BACE also will include an update on its current programs for accredited members of the news media during a briefing on October 11, at 11:00 a.m. (in Room W215 of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s West Hall).