Daher delivers its first TBM 930 Model Year 2017 aircraft with a host of new features

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Daher delivers its first TBM 930 Model Year 2017 aircraft with a host of new features
Daher delivers its first TBM 930 Model Year 2017 aircraft with a host of new features
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Daher delivers its first TBM 930 Model Year 2017 aircraft with a host of new features

Tarbes, France, January 30, 2017: Daher today announced the first delivery of a Model Year 2017 TBM 930 very fast turboprop aircraft to a customer, incorporating new equipment and cabin outfitting details.

The newly-delivered Model Year 2017 TBM 930 has the popular “Elite Package” enhanced interior, and includes the optional AmSafe Seatbelt Airbag in the torso section of 4-point seatbelts at the two cockpit seats. When triggered, the airbag deploys up and away from the seated occupant, providing protection to the head, neck and torso. The TBM 930’s AmSafe Seatbelt Airbag meets FAR 23.562 26g requirements for pilot/co-pilot seats, and provides additional safety for survivable impacts.

Features of the Model Year 2017 TBM 930 for passengers include a redesigned cabin with new seat cushions, headrest and armrest; along with seat fairings that are now covered with Ultraleather® synthetic fabric material offering increased longevity.

Three cabin interior harmonies are available for customer choice: Black Diamond, Beige Luxor and Agate Grey. Brushed aluminum fittings for the main door stair, handrail, pilot door and rear seat side beam are standard, with a polished finish available as an option.

Introduced in the cockpit panel is Garmin’s new GTX 345 transponder, configured with ADS-B “In” compatibility with the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast cornerstone of airspace modernization. The “In” function enables aircraft to receive traffic and weather information (available in the U.S.).

Certain features that previously were options are now included on the 2017 TBM 930 version, such as a stick shaker linked with the Under Speed Protection (USP) system, and the Flight Stream 210 gateway that enables wireless connectivity for two mobile devices running the Garmin Pilot app.

Cabin temperature controls are now backlighted, and passengers have access to high-power USB charging ports installed on the cabin’s left and right sides. Also in the cockpit are a new digital hour meter for flight time tracking and three high-power USB charging ports (5 V/3 Amp).

As in previous years, aircraft’s “Elite Package” includes Daher’s highly-appreciated TBM Care Program (TCP), covering all scheduled maintenance costs for five years or 1,000 hours (whichever comes first). By providing a five-year standard warranty on airframe, engine, avionics and systems, this coverage clearly minimizes the TBM’s operational costs.

All Model Year 2017 TBM 930 and TBM 900 aircraft are configured to accommodate the “Elite Privacy” enclosure – a quick-change option that integrates a lavatory area in the TBM’s aft fuselage. It serves as a bench-type seat with a low divider wall when not in use during flight, and converts to a fully private toilet compartment at the touch of a button.

“We’re always devoted to delivering the best in terms of design and technology for customers, and the TBM 930 Model Year 2017 is no exception,” said Nicolas Chabbert, Senior Vice President of the Daher Airplane Business Unit. “This year, the focus is on continuous improvement through features that bring additional safety and even more passenger comfort. The result reflects the passion, imagination and commitment of our teams, who are dedicated to meeting the market’s expectations.”

About the Daher TBM www.tbm.aero

Unveiled in April, the 2016 TBM 930 is the newest member of Daher’s TBM turboprop business aircraft family.

It benefits from the same performance and technical features that contributed to the success of the TBM 900, a six-passenger aircraft. Differences between the two models are concentrated on their primary avionics.

The TBM 930 integrates a split-screen mode, enabling maps and flight plans to remain on the three 12-inch screens, each installed side-by-side with primary, traffic and weather information. The high-resolution displays offer enhanced utilization thanks to the synthetic vision mode.

A new glass touchscreen controller serves as the pilot’s primary point of entry, displaying communication and other navigation controls.

The TBM 930 delivers performance close to that of light business jets: a maximum cruise speed of 330 knots (611 km./hr.), maximum range of 1,730 naut. mi. (3,200 km.), while providing greater flexibility with their load-carrying capacity and the ability to operate from small airports.

Another feature of TBM 930 aircraft are their capability at mountain airports: maintaining their performance even in hot weather, and only requiring 1,200 meters of runway to take off and land (even at such airports as France’s Courchevel, with an altitude of 8,000 ft. and at an ISA temperature of +30°C).

The TBM aircraft family is well suited for public passenger transport, and its use in such operations is expanding with changes in airworthiness regulations for single-engine turboprop aircraft. In France, regulations have enabled the TBM to be used for public passenger transport since 2013. Based on the French experience, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) plans to allow this type of operations across Europe beginning in 2017.

The TBM 900 and TBM 930 already have received more than 200 orders since their launch, with 160 delivered through December 31, 2016. Both aircraft are built by Daher on its industrial site at the airport of Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées (Hautes Pyrénées), France.


 About Daher – www.daher.com

Daher is an equipment supplier developing Integrated Industrial systems for aerospace and advanced technologies.

By combining its expertise in industrial manufacturing, product and process engineering, logistics and transport, and industrial services, Daher designs and develops Integrated Industrial Systems. Daher has established itself as a leader in five fields of activity: aircraft manufacturer, aerostructures and systems, integrated logistics, nuclear services, and valves.

Daher posts annual turnover of nearly one billion euros, and its order book stands at around three and a half years of turnover. Driven by bold innovation ever since it was founded in 1863, Daher has established itself today as one of the major players of the 3rd industrial revolution.

Contact for the media – Airplane Business Unit

Philippe de Segovia
E-mail p.de-segovia@daher.com
Tel +33 (0)6 70 21 70 47

TBM 930

In figures


Type: P&W Canada PT6A-66D turboprop
Thermodynamic power                                        1825 hp.
Nominal power                                                 850 shp.
Usable fuel capacity                                           291 US gal.       1,100 liters


Wingspan                                                                      42.10 ft.            12.833 m.
Height                                                                           14.29 ft.             4.355 m.
Length                                                                          35.22 ft.            10.736 m.
Wheel base                                                                   9.56 ft.             2.914 m.
Tailplane span                                                               16.36 ft.            4.988 m.


Maximum cabin width                                                     3 ft. 11.64 in.     1.21 m.
Maximum cabin length                                                   13 ft. 3.45 in.     4.05 m.
Maximum cabin height                                                   4 ft.                   1.22 m.
Maximum volume in cabin                                               123 cu. ft.          3.5 sq. m.


Basic empty weight                                                        4,629 lb.            2,097 kg.
Maximum ramp weight (MRW)                                        7,430 lb.            3,370 kg.
Maximum takeoff weight                                                 7,394 lb.            3,354 kg.
Maximum zero fuel weight                                              6,032 lb.            2,736 kg.
Maximum payload                                                          1,403 lb.            636 kg.
Maximum payload with full fuel:                                       891 lb.            404 kg.
Maximum luggage in storage areas (4 seats)                   507 lb.            230 kg.
Maximum luggage in storage areas (6 seats)                    330 lb.             135 kg.
Maximum luggage volume (large net):                             30¼ cu. ft.       0.989 cu. m.

PERFORMANCE (ISA conditions, MTOW, no wind,)

Maximum cruise speed at long-range settings                  252 KTAS         467 km/h
Maximum cruise speed at 28,000 ft.                                330 KTAS         611 km/h
Time-to climb to 31,000 ft.                                                                      18 min. 45 sec.
Certified ceiling                                                              31,000 ft.           9,449 m.

RUNWAY DISTANCES (ISA conditions, MTOW, no wind, 50 ft. obstacle clearance)

Takeoff                                                              2,380 ft.            726 m.
Landing                                                             2,430 ft.            741 m.

Max. range with max. fuel (ISA, MTOW, no wind, one pilot, 45 min fuel reserve) @ 31,000 ft.

252 KTAS cruise speed                          1,730 NM          3,304 km
290 KTAS cruise speed                          1,585 NM          2,935 km
326 KTAS cruise speed                          1,440 NM          2,666 km

Suggested prices for 2017 delivery

TBM 930 with standard Equipment                      $ 3,979,750.00
TBM 930 with Special ‘Elite’ Package                  $ 4,194,390.00