Daher showcases its turboprop aircraft at Sun'N'fun 21.

Turboprop Aircraft - DAHER TBM 960, TBM 910

Daher showcases its turboprop aircraft at Sun'N'fun 21.
Daher showcases its turboprop aircraft at Sun'N'fun 21.
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Daher showcases its turboprop aircraft at Sun'N'fun 21.

Daher showcases its Kodiak and TBM turboprop aircraft families at the Sun ’n Fun Aerospace Expo in Florida

Lakeland, Florida, USA, April 9, 2021 – Daher is to highlight its aircraft product line during next week’s Sun ’n Fun Aerospace Expo at Lakeland Linder International Airport with a side-by-side presence of the Kodiak and TBM single-engine turboprop airplanes.

For the company’s April 13-17 presence on booth #MD22B, Daher will exhibit the sport and utility Kodiak 100 – whose Series III version was recently announced; along with a Model Year 2021 TBM 940 very fast turboprop aircraft, equipped with the HomeSafe™ emergency autoland system. 

Together, these two airplanes underscore Daher’s commitment to implement continual product improvements in terms of flight safety, cabin comfort and performance.    

Kodiak and TBM experts will be on hand at Sun ’n Fun Aerospace Expo to discuss the latest enhancements on both aircraft for quality, capabilities and maintenance. This includes comprehensive all-inclusive maintenance packages: four years or 1,000flight hours on Kodiak 100s with the Kodiak Care coverage; and five years or 1,000 flight hours for TBM 940s and TBM 910s in the TBM Total Care program.  

“We are excited to be back at Sun ’n Fun after a long period of limited public contact due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Nicolas Chabbert, the Senior Vice President of Daher’s Aircraft Division and CEO of Kodiak Aircraft. “This also marks the first major aviation event that brings our Kodiak and TBM teams together since Daher completed the Kodiak acquisition in late 2019.”

To offer health-related protection for its staff and visitors attending the show, Daher’s vaccinated team members will follow recommended protocols – from the regular sanitizing of high-touch areas on its booth to the encouragement of social distancing.