Daher releases Me & My TBM Version 4

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Daher releases Me & My TBM Version 4
Daher releases Me & My TBM Version 4
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Daher releases Me & My TBM Version 4

Daher enhances the “Me & My TBM” application with new functionality and interactivity for operators of its TBM very fast turboprop aircraft

Tarbes, France, June 15, 2020 – Daher today released the latest version of its “Me & My TBM” application, incorporating enhancements based on user feedback from across the owner/operator community for its TBM very fast turboprop aircraft family.

The Me & My TBM application leverages Daher’s expertise in the field of big data to collect, process and analyze the more than four million datapoints generated each day by the TBM in-service fleet.

With this fourth iteration of the cloud-based application, a key functionality improvement is the ability to generate flight reports directly from the app, including an analysis of airport approaches and landings against the key parameters of the stabilized approach criteria. With the reports, TBM pilots are now able to scrutinize their flights data during critical phases, reviewing the path, the airspeed and pitch at key approach points (at 500ft, at 50ft, at touch down), with associated engine torque and vertical speed.

In addition, users of the Me & My TBM app can obtain trend analyses in order to visualize their progress over time. This is achieved using a range of indicators over longer time periods, from weeks and months to the full duration of the application’s utilization with a TBM.  This offers an innovative insight on aircraft operations, as well as provides a new set of data for a pilot’s recurrent training program based on actual flight history and performance.

Additionally, flight times are automatically transmitted into the CAMP maintenance tracking system, which enables the software to display maintenance status information directly on the app’s flights page, removing the last manual action that pilots still had to do to keep their records in synch.

Version 4 of the application has new elements for the “Aviator” challenge – the friendly competition that enables pilots to compare their adherence to established flight standards, as well as  optionally compare with others in the TBM community. A new Aviator a percentage scoring indicates how a pilot’s flights key points match up with the reference as well as compared to the participating fleet. This new percentage relative score, contrarily to the points, allows to quickly get comparable figures whether you fly a lot or not.

“This fourth version of our ‘Me & My TBM’ application is a more mature development that generates additional information to gauge a pilot’s performance and keeps the aircraft’s maintenance status up to date,” commented Nicolas Chabbert, the Senior Vice President of Daher’s Aircraft Division. “These enhancements are the direct result of inputs provided by the TBM pilot community as well as a collaboration with TBMOPA, the TBM owners association, and they benefit from on-going developments by Daher’s analytics team.”

The Me & My TBM application is offered in versions for Android and iOS devices, available from their respective on-line app stores. A demo airplane can be followed with the following codes:

  • ID: demo
  • Password: Dahertbm123

Daher introduced the Me & My TBM app in 2018 following the standard installation of the FAST™ flight data retrieval and transfer solution on TBM 910, TBM 930 and TBM 940 aircraft versions. Today, this covers a fleet of 120 TBM airplanes.

Operators of earlier-production TBM versions also can benefit from the Me & My TBM app’s capabilities with data obtained from the G1000 avionics suite and transmitted via several means including the BadElf Wombat accessory as well as drag and drop solutions from MyTBM.aero website (Flight Data Tools).

Daher is a leader in Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. The company continually invests in the digital supply chain (automation, robotics, connected objects, predictive analytics, etc.) to offer innovative solutions for its customers, as well as in the development of proprietary tools – bringing improvements in productivity, mobility and real-time visibility.