Daher partners with the Southern AeroMedical Institute for high-altitude hypoxia training

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Daher partners with the Southern AeroMedical Institute for high-altitude hypoxia training
Daher partners with the Southern AeroMedical Institute for high-altitude hypoxia training
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Daher partners with the Southern AeroMedical Institute for high-altitude hypoxia training

AirVenture 2015, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 20, 2015 – A realistic high-altitude chamber program for pilots of high-performance aircraft is now available through a partnership of Daher and the Southern AeroMedical Institute (SAMI), with this teaming announced at the AirVenture 2015 aviation gathering in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

By equipping SAMI’s automated hyper/hypobaric chamber in Melbourne, Florida with a fixed-based TBM 850 cockpit simulator, this new program will help pilots better understand the dangers of hypoxia – or altitude sickness – conditions while operating high-performance airplanes. Incorporated in the TBM 850 simulator are a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit and Zodiac Aerospace oxygen mask systems, offering the aviation industry’s most realistic training available today.

The program consists of two hours of lecture on the subject of “slow onset hypoxia” by neurologist Dr. Paul Buza, an hour-long pre-flight orientation with the cockpit simulator, along with one hour of simulated flight with the TBM 850 training device in hypoxia-creating high-altitude conditions, followed by a one-hour post-flight review of oxygen saturation profiles.

Upon completion of the training, participants receive a high-altitude chamber certificate, a flight training booklet, an FAA/Industry Training Standards (FITS) certificate, a logbook sign-off and a video recorded during the simulated flight.

SAMI was founded at the Florida Institute of Technology by Dr. Buza to explore comprehensive hyperbaric medicine, wound therapy and aviation flight physiology.

“We are proud to team with Dr. Buza, a distinguished specialist in his field, to improve pilots’ awareness about the dangers of hypoxia,” said Nicolas Chabbert, the Senior Vice President of Daher’s Airplane Business Unit and President of the U.S. Socata North America subsidiary. “With an increasing number of pilots flying high-performance aircraft, we consider this special training to be in the highest interest for the aviation community.”

About SAMI Aeromedicalsami-aeromedical.com

Founded in 1999, SAMI Hyperbaric/Hypobaric Chamber has now provided over 45,000 patient treatments and trained over 3,000 pilots in the high altitude chamber. SAMI is the home of “Scenario Based Physiological Training” where over 2,500 pilots have undergone specialized training with the successful integration of flight simulators within the chamber to achieve the most realistic training available today. Depending upon your needs please take the time to explore the many diverse resources the SAMI has available to offer.

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The TBM 900 is the latest member of Daher’s TBM family of very fast single-engine turboprop aircraft. It offers superior performance – a maximum cruise speed of 330 kts – and high efficiency with a 1,730 naut. mi. maximum range and a fuel consumption at economy cruise of 37 US gal per hour. This results from aerodynamic improvements, along with other aircraft enhancements. The maximum range and useful load, as well as the ability to land at small airports, are some of its customers’ favorite features.

The TBM 900 deliveries bring total TBM-series aircraft received by customers to 735 units, with this global fleet accumulating more than 1.2 million flight hours as of July 15, 2015.

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